The Rosie the Riveter Movement

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International Mother’s Day Shrine, Grafton, WV

Katherine Antolini, Ph.D.

May 8, 2016

I have had the pleasure of work with Anne Montague and her organization, Thanks! Plain and Simple, over the last several months. I have witnessed first-hand her passion and dedication to preserving and celebrating the legacy of the women who worked on the home front during World War II – which includes the legacy of her own mother.

While working with Anne, I was struck by the comparison to the Shrine’s own Anna Jarvis, Like our Anna, Anne Montague has fully dedicated herself to leading a movement, not just to pay tribute to her own mother, but to all the women who supported the war effort. Like our Anna, Anne has a vision of not only a national movement, but and international movement, that recognizes the contributions of women from all the Allied Nations. And like our Anna, Anne is fiercely protective of the movement she leads and the women she strives to honor.

As we recognize the significance of Anna Jarvis and continue to celebrate the holiday she founded, may we also join in celebrating the real Rosie the Riveters, of World War II and recognize the significance of Anne Montague’s organization and significant work.

Launching the International Rosie the Riveter Movement

Some ways you can participate are to help with: