The Rosie the Riveter Movement

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Recognition To A Model City

To: City of Brunswick, Maryland

From: Thanks! Plain and Simple, Inc.

For being the first national partner to help create a model for America to respect and learn from our “rosie the riveters”

This award recognizes the City of Brunswick, Maryland as Thanks! Plain and Simple’s first national partner to show that American communities will collaborate to educate about the very significant contributions of our nation’s Rosie the Riveters. By hosting Rosies today, Brunswick joins us to assure that “the Rosie legacy” is validly known and taught with the help of living Rosies.

Thanks! Plain and Simple, Inc. (“Thanks!”) strives to help Americans realize the deep significance of work women did “on the home front” during World War II. Their work not only shortened that dark war, it proved that women can perform hard, highly exacting work for freedom. Now, almost seven decades later, we must pay attention.

We at “Thanks!” feel it our obligation and privilege to show communities across America what and how we learn from our Rosies. Thus, we created the West Virginia Rosie the Riveter Project with a deep commitment to learn about Rosies in our own state, then share what we have learned with many Americans. The key is to know about Rosies from Rosies in the little time we have left with them.

Today, November 6th, 2011, we openly and clearly say that we are validated and relieved that this fine, historic city of Brunswick is honoring Rosies. You recognize, first, that they built ships, airplanes and did much, much more to support our troops, and, second, that Rosies today are precious as they help us learn and educate.

The job is huge. How will it get done across American? Fortunately, we Americans know how to put our shoulder to a job that must be done. Rosies and veterans are proof. They’re the leaders. To advance, we must be good, aware followers.

At this moment, here in Brunswick, all of us are taking a big step for America and for humankind. In the large scheme, West Virginia and Brunswick, Maryland are relatively unknown. Yet, we have united to make the statement that American principles transcend geographies, and someday we expect to include other nations.

In short, at this moment we are starting a national Rosie the Riveter movement. The next step is to connect with communities nationwide. Americans must see us share the right and the responsibility of learning about our Rosies, from our Rosies.

Yes, the right. Americans have a right to know our Rosies and their stories. No one knows every action that will be needed to unify America around these priceless women. But, clearly, all of us here today recognize that we must do a very quick, highest-quality job. If we don’t, we fail the rights and promises of this nation.

Today, you, mostly people from the quad-states, help us show America that it is an exceptional privilege to meet and learn from our Rosies. For example, they are not self-serving, and their war-time goal was to save lives and “bring our boys home.”

Dorothy May, a Shepherdstown Rosie, taught us the war-time phrase: “We pull better when we pull together.”

Thank you for this historic day of pulling together.

Presented by Anne Montague, Founding Director, Thanks! Plain and Simple

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