People learn best when they are involved thus, we have worked with many Rosies and many partners so that people of many kinds can learn about Rosies by taking part in projects that are high quality, done cooperatively, and help us realize the value of freedom. Some projects are small (e.g. learning a Rosie the Riveter song) some are mid-sized (e.g. planting a Dogwood tree and holding a event so that people understand the meaning of the Dogwood tree), and some are large (e.g. creating a Rosie the Riveter park that improves communities while it tells the importance of Rosies).

Here are 3 of about 18 projects that give American’s like you a choice of the actions you want to take 

"Ring a Bell for Rosies"

Starting in 2016, one of “Thanks!” most prominent and popular project is the annual “Ring a Bel for Rosies” event that is held on Labor Day (September 2). The project began at a high school in Buckhannon, WV when a young Girl Scout, Kendra Fox, rang a bell to alert Rosies and others at the exact moment a dogwood tree was planted as a memorial for the Rosies and their work during WWII. The event rapidly grew, resulting in Rosies supporters all across the nation and internationally ringing a bell in the name of Rosies at the exact same moment. The event symoolizes that every voice counts, and that we can pull together.

Dogwood Trees for Rosies

We surveyed about 200 Rosies to ask what species of tree best represented them. They quickly choose the dogwood tree for many reason. For example, the dogwood is both beautiful and enduring, the leaf is oval witch represents democracy, it grows in many environments, and its wood is unusually strong. 

Photo by Tim Wilson

Photo by Doug Jolley

Bluebirds for Rosies

We asked many Rosies in many states why so many songs during the war were about bluebirds, they told us that Bluebirds represent “hope” Soon after, Rosies choose the Bluebird as the species that best represent them. In addition to “hope”, Rosies loves that the male is red, white, and blue and that people are saving the Bluebird very much like we are trying to get Americans to pull together to save the Rosie legacy. 

Take Part!


No matter what size project you choose, think 'SASSY"- your project should be
Sustainable, Achievable, a Simple Statement, and involve  Youth

For ideas on projects that you can can do, see here 

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