Pauline Adkins


About Pauline

Pauline Adkins was born in 1928 in Logan County, West Virginia in the heart of coal-mining country. One of her ancestors is Chief Cornstalk, a historic Native American. At 11 months old, a combination of childhood illnesses left her virtually deaf. She started to school three different years before she decided to stay. On her third try, her teacher, Mrs. Edna Frasher, decided she would help Pauline learn. Pauline loved to read from early in school. When she was 15, she worked for the Civil Air Patrol.

At age 18, she began working at Sylvania Corporation making tubes for rockets on the assembly line. She can tell you in detail about the positions she worked on the line-the holes, the wires, the grids, and how the tray went down the line from position to position. Her pay was far less than a dollar an hour and her plant in Huntington, West Virginia was a super-secret facility built by the US Navy. Toward the end of the war, she worked in the drafting department. After the war, she worked at Sylvania and other factories that converted back to civilian production. 

In her twenties, she got a hearing aid, and in the year 2010, she got a cochlear implant. Pauline is known as an artist, a beautiful redhead, a patriot, and a person who loves her family and her place. She has her own home.

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