The Rosie the Riveter Movement

Creating projects that pull America together

Partners and Supporters in 2017

We could not have advanced without the help of many like you.

Some of many more who are doing outstanding work this year to help us unify people around Rosie work are:

  • American Legion, Brunswick, MD

  • American Rosie the Riveter Association

  • Katherine Antolini, Ph.D.

  • Boy's State, WV

  • Mozelle Brown, Rosie

  • John Christensen, Merchant Marines (retired)

  • City of Philadelphia, Mayor and Commission on Women

  • Sue Cline, Daughter of a Rosie and WV Legislator

  • Gary Coberly, son of Ruby Coberly, a Rosie

  • Buddie Curnutte and Family

  • Shanti DeJong, Washington

  • Embassy of Belgium, Washington

  • Embassy of the Netherlands, Washington

  • Yvonne Fasold, D. Ed., Eug

  • Barbara Fleischauer, WV Legislator

  • Marissa Fox, Girl Scout Leader, Glenville, WV

  • Kendra Fox, Girl Scout who rang the first bell for a Rosie

  • Anthony Fowler, US Dept of Education and SMART

  • General Federation of Women's Clubs (Washington and WV)

  • Sri Ghosh, Ph.D., St. Mary's, MD

  • Independence National Park (Liberty Bell), Philadelphia, PA

  • Jessie Jacobs-Frazier Family

  • Ceryl Johns, Lt. Col (retired), British-American and son of Elsie Johns

  • Ron Kelemen, Vietnam Veteran Hugo Keesing, Ph.D.

  • Michael and Deanna Kindred

  • Pamela McCoy

  • Jewell Matthews

  • National Cathedral, Washington, DC

  • National Liberation Museum, Groesbeek, Netherlands

  • Becky Schergens, National Outreach Coordinator, Women's History Museum

  • Sharla Rousch, Ph.D., DAR, Arlington, VA

  • SMART (advocates of workforce development)

  • Maarten Vossen, Nijmegan, Netherlands

  • Jay Wertz, Los Angeles

  • Nick Withrow, Teen Advocate of Rosies

  • Tim Wilson, Brunswick, MD

  • Women in Film and Video, Washington, DC

Launching the International Rosie the Riveter Movement

Submitted by Karan Trasi
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Some ways you can participate are to help with: