The Rosie the Riveter Movement

Creating projects that pull America together

International Work

So far our work with other nations has been with countries who were attacked or occupied during WWII. These include:

  • Belgium, at an event that “Thanks!” held in 2009, which made them the first Allied Nation to thank American Rosies on U.S. soil. Then, on Labor Day, 2017, they again thanked Rosies at the National Cathedral (see Ring a Bell for Rosies tab).
  • The United Kingdom, at an event that “Thanks!” held in 2010, then at the bell ringing in London in 2016.
  • The Netherlands, at several events that the Dutch held for Rosies over several years.

  • ada-england-with-king-and-queen
  • Ada England meets the King and Queen of the Netherlands

  • Ceryl-Johns-John-Haulotte-escort-British-Speaker
  • Ceryl Johns, left, and John Haulotte, right, escorting Major Anna Janes, British Army, who thanked American Rosies, Nov. 2010.

  • rosie-the-riveter-Elsie-johns-dancer-Anne-Ceryl-777
  • Elsie Johns, from Wales (3rd from left), was brought by her son, Ceryl Johns, to plant first Dogwood tree with American Rosie the Riveters. Elsie worked in a London factory that was bombed when she had taken a sick friend home.

  • Banner-british-on-wall
  • Banner for event where British thanked American Rosies

  • Dot-Foster-1
  • Dot Foster, British war bride and worker in a London Factory listens to speech by Major Janes

  • Large-Rosie-Photo-Arm-in-the-air
  • Rosies, Major Janes and some others who attended the British "Thank you, Rosies!"

  • belgian-embassy-gaele-poeis-national-cathedral
  • Gaele Powis, Belgian Emissary, at the National Cathedral “Ring a Bell for Rosies” event, Labor Day, 2017.

  • Lt-colonel-martine-diercx-belgian-emissary-and-gloria-farmer-rosie
  • Lt. Colonel Martine Diercx, Belgian Emissary, and Gloria Farmer, Rosie, when Belgium thanked American Rosies, November, 2009

  • rosie-the-riveter-dogwood-tree-netherlands-embassy-777
  • Pink dogwood tree at Netherlands Embassy planted to honor Rosies

  • rosie-the-riveter-Vienna-Hurt-1-082517-777
  • Vienna Hurt

  • rosie-the-riveter-Anna-Hess-sharing-the-liberation-trail-expirence-w-bus-driver-Steve-Marsh-from-Wales-777
  • Anna Hess sharing the Liberation Trail experience with bus driver Steve March from Wales

  • rosie-the-riveter-Embassy-of-France-Anna-and-Air-Commodore-Paul-Herber-777
  • Embassy of France, Anna and Air Commodore Paul Herber

  • rosie-the-riveter-3-rosies-in-the-netherland-2015-777
  • 3 Rosies in the Netherlands 2015

  • rosie-the-riveter-by-sun-vega-600
  • Rosie's Hands by Sun Vega
  • Cooperation with the Netherlands - photographic booklet (PDF 7MB)

Launching the International Rosie the Riveter Movement

Submitted by Karan Trasi
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