The Rosie the Riveter Movement

Creating projects that pull America together

Dogwood Tree Planting 2016

On May 14, a major event occurred at the same moment in many locations to show that people can – and will pull together to do work that should be done. Using Rosies as our model and with the help of Girl Scouts, 8 communities planted dogwood trees at precisely 1:00 PM in locations where living Rosie the Riveters can help.

  1. Buckhannon, WV at the Buckhannon-Upshire High School
  2. Brunswick, MD at the American Legion
  3. Camden, SC at Monument Square
  4. Grafton, WV at the home of Anna Jarvis (founder of Mother’s Day)
  5. Huntington, WV at the Huntington Gallery of Art
  6. Morgantown, WV at the WV Botanical Gardens
  7. Vienna, WV at City Park
  8. Winchester, KY at the Clark County Public Library

Launching the International Rosie the Riveter Movement

Some ways you can participate are to help with: