The Rosie the Riveter Movement

Creating projects that pull America together

Board Members and Advisors

Katherine Antolini, Ph.D.

Dr. Antolini has advised “Thanks!” since 2015. As a professor of Women’s History and International Studies at West Virginia Wesleyan College, she understands the ties between all-around issues of women and the Rosie the Riveter Program. Before becoming a board member, she supervised students, transcribed interviews, advised on oral history and academic issues, planned a Rosie the Riveter event, and arranged a Rosie display at the Mother’s Day Shrine, where she serves on the board. She obtained a Ph.D. from WV University, after a M.A. in Sociology from Rutgers University.

Bertha “Buddie” Curnutte, “Rosie”

“Buddie” is both a Rosie the Riveter and a veteran. During World War II, she riveted airplanes in New York State for two years. Then, she joined the Coast Guard where she was in the medical corps when she met the West Virginian she married. He was an amputee injured at Okinawa and had what is now called “post traumatic stress syndrome“ for decades. She is a widow now. She is on the park committee, helps “Thanks!” know Rosies’ needs and loves to “round them up” and keep them informed.

Ronald Kelemen

Ron has been a volunteer and advisor to “Thanks!” since 2010, when the Rosie the Riveter Park was unveiled. He is a Vietnam veteran (Hospital Corpsman) who helps “Thanks!” to meet its mission of including veterans in projects and decisions when appropriate. He holds a B.A. degree from Marshall Univ, and a M.A. degree from San Diego State Univ., both in social work. He worked for the state of WV in protection of the elderly, children and disadvantaged adults. His interests include American modern history and world history.

Michael Kindred, President

He has a solid background in career-and-technical education with strong emphasis in administrative leadership. He is experienced in classroom management and instruction, and local and state school administration. He is skilled in developing and implementing standardized policies and procedures at the district and school level; troubleshooting, building consensus among employees; and creating and coordinating special projects for youth to learn to lead through community service. He is particularly interested in interviewing Rosies and facilitating growing education about Rosies with living Rosies.

Anne Montague, Executive Director / Founder

Anne returned to West Virginia after working in other states and internationally. She received two M.A. degrees without having to finish the B.A. based on professional-level research, writing and contributions. After an M.A. from Harvard University, she was a partner in a small Boston-area marketing firm that launched technologies. Then, she founded a nonprofit organization based on work with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to find technologies to clean and use sediments from navigable waters. She is recognized for having good ideas that she works diligently to bring to reality. Her mother, a Huntington Rosie, and her grandfather, a one-room teacher in Mason County, influenced Anne to create ways for people to work together to solve needs, such as the Rosie the Riveter Project, which is becoming a model for America.

June Robbins

June is a Rosie the Riveter who grew up in Philadelphia with relatives in occupied nations in Europe. She took drafting classes in high school when women were not allowed to take these classes, then she drafted ship parts in the Philadelphia ship yards while her mother riveted airplanes nearby. She had seven children, has been active nationally and internationally all her life, and has helped significantly in holding educating people in other nations and the Netherlands about the importance of Rosies.

Sally Steranko

Sally is an artist, is married to an active duty military man, and is especially interested in helping “Thanks!” to tie our Rosie the Riveter work to the arts. She is a graduate of California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts), and her artistic skills include animation film making. She is from the Pittsburgh area, has Rosies in her family. Now, she lives in Maryland with her husband who is in the US military.

Julie Tessiatore

Julie was originally introduced to Thanks! in 2015 by her Mother who is a current volunteer for the organization. In July 2017, she was hired to assist with the Ring a Bell for Rosies Labor Day events. She was originally hired to help Anne with administrative duties and became a valuable asset to the team. She has a M.A. degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Charleston. She worked for Frontier Communications for over 17 years. Her most recent position was as an Executive Assistant for the Regional Executive Team while also supporting the Engineering, Operations, Marketing, Legal, and Alternate Channels departments. She enjoys taking a project and running with it from the conception to the completion. She lives in the Charleston, WV area with her husband, John

Launching the International Rosie the Riveter Movement

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