Bertha Glaven


About Bertha

Bertha was born in 1926 in Dorchester, MA (a section of Boston), and had four brothers and one sister. She started kindergarten in 1930 and graduated from the 8th grade in 1939, which was the 300th Anniversary of the school which was the FIRST TAX Supported School in the Country. Several months before she graduated from high school in 1943, the school gave her an address and told her to go to there to work.
The factory made raincoats for the U.S. Navy, and she was to make out the payroll for the stitchers, who did “piece work, which meant they were paid for each piece they sewed. She collected tickets from their baskets, gave them credit for each piece they had finished, and added 5% to their paycheck under instruction of the Navy.
She married Martin Glavin a Navy veteran in 1949, and they raised seven children all of whom attended her historic school. She became President of the Home & School Association, was the school monitor for 22 years, and retired in 1992. In the meantime she was Vice Pres. of the Dorchester Historical Society (Martin was President), and volunteered in the Quincy Library for several years.

Incidentally, her daughter, Martha, is an art teacher at her old school.

She was at the Embassy of the when Rosies were honored there, and she has done a great job ringing bells for Rosies at the President’s Church on several Labor Days. She says, “I just keep hoping that I can do a good job for the us Rosies.”

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