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Mission Statement

“To create projects that guide ‘the people’ to pull together to do real work that upholds and advances America’s basic principles, and, when possible, include veterans.”

The Rosie the Riveter movement is an example of work that should, could, and will be done by all Americans. It integrates contributions from “the people” and many sectors (e.g., business, non-profits, education, government).

American Rosie Movement

The goal of the American Rosie Movement (ARM) is to unite America by learning to know and work with “Rosies”, the women who worked on the home front during WWII. Their stories are fascinating and their legacy are important to America’s past, present, and future.

“Thanks!” has worked over a decade to find, interview, and get the public to work with Rosie the Riveters “Rosies” so that their legacy becomes part of America’s identity and future.

We strive to unify people so that America can be where she should be. Be are do not favor any political party, religion, or other interest groups. Just as people of all kinds pulled together during World War II, we focus on respecting the good in America that is common to us.

We honor Rosies for being a needed part of the whole effort to preserve and advance freedom – not by blaming, protesting or pretending, but by doing actual work together. 

It takes pulling together of people, places, partners and projects into a plan with a purpose. The plan is in three phases. The American Rosie Movement is Phase II. We invite you to learn to pull together to face changes in a cooperative way.


We at “Thanks!” have created many ways for people like you to help make America aware that we still have the precious opportunity to learn from these women, but they are fading fast. We must work quickly and, at the same time, we must do a good job with them. We have created projects with the help of Rosies to show Americans can “know a Rosie and keep America’s promise.” It takes commitment from many to show that Americans can and will pull together to honor and learn from these incredible women of “the Greatest Generation.”

Check out our document that outlines the projects we have completed as of April 2014. We hope these projects inspire you to help us do what Rosies have done – pull America together, for us all. See Here.


Phase I was our first decade of “Rosie work”, starting in 2008 in WV and expanding across America and Allied Nations.  Our learning, activities, and partners have been extensive, inspiring, and constantly growing.  Rosies have taught us the fuller story of WWII, the women’s movement, how to care for wounded veterans, the importance of respecting seniors, and what these women have experienced over the century if of their lives.  that has seen more change than any other in human history.  Now we strive to include all of you in the value of knowing Rosies.

Phase II is to launch the American Rosie Movement over the next four years.The goal is for all America to find, interview, and work with living Rosies to bring the Rosie Legacy alive through projects that are done by “the people”.

See Act Fact  

Phase III will start in 2023 when only a few Rosies are left, and it will continue long after the last Rosie is gone.  Increasingly, the focus will be on the processof getting people to pull together when there is a need that is basic to America’s promises and principles.  To learn how to use our freedom wisely is the ultimate goal.

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