The American Rosie Movement!

“Thanks!” has worked more than decade to find, interview, and get the public and partners to work with Rosie the Riveters (“Rosies”) so that their legacy is part of America’s identity and future.

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union. . .

Pull better when we pull together!

Our Goal

The American Rosie Movement’s (ARM) goal is to unlock America’s potential by guiding next generations to act on the real meaning of pulling together for America.

Pull America together, again!

Work with Rosies and:
• "The People"
• Partners
• Places
• Projects
To Achieve Our Purpose and Phases

Count me in!

Upcoming Events

“I Witness, I Remember” in cooperation with the U.S. Capitol Girl Scout Council will honor Rosie the Riveters. The event includes dedicating a rose garden and installing a bluebird nest box. Learn More!

Labor Day.Bell Ringing nationally and internationally. Join in wherever you are. Learn More! 

Meet with Philadelphia-area partners has been postponed approximately September. Learn More!

Projects are very important to the American Rosie Movement (ARM). When you work on a project, you work with many people and partners, which helps assure that the Rosie Legacy has its rightful place in America. For examples of projects, partners and many kinds of helpers that are pulling together to launch the American Rosie Movement, see here.

"The People"

Kendra Fox, first person to Ring a Bell for Rosies 


Thanks to the royal couple and people of the Netherlands for partnering with us to educate about the Rosie Legacy


Thanks to Brunswick, MD for being the First Model Bluebird for Rosie City in America. Bluebirds are a symbol for “hope”.


Working with Rosies and their community to design a Rosie the Riveter Park

Rosie the Riveters

“Rosie the Riveter” means millions of women, not one woman. The number of women worked on the home front in factories, shipyards, farms, and for the government equaled the number of who men served in the military. Rosies made a huge difference in shortening and winning WWII, and they did much for America after the war, including nurturing men who were wounded in body and spirit and raising children who believed in more equality for women. Most Rosies have passed, but you can find living Rosies and help assure that the “Rosie legacy” becomes part of America’s identity and work to preserve freedom.  

See pictures more in our Gallery of Young Rosies. See More

Our remaining Rosies ask you to. . .

Show up to show off America!

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